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Jane Doesn't Save the World

Jane Doesn't Save the World book cover

Praise for 'Jane'

I want to dig out a thesaurus and dump tons of superlatives on this book. As a avid SF reader for more than four decades, and SF author myself, I am heartened there might be other undiscovered gems and jewels like this which shine though the morass of stamped out cookie cutter tropes marching down formulaic rutted paths. THIS BOOK is worthy of awards and accolades. THIS BOOK is honest writing. THIS BOOK is from the soul of the writers deepest being. Funny, charming, devious, dark and delightful. WOW... a reverent, quiet WOW.
Marc Neuffer
SciFi Author
Jane Doesn’t Save the World is the most unique book I’ve read in a long time...Jane’s personal journey truly captivated me. This is a book about what it takes to find peace, about healing when the people around you just want you to be “fixed.” The writing is lovely, descriptive, and truly funny, which is so refreshing since the themes can at times be dark. I love when a book takes me to another world just to teach me about the one I live in. Read this book.
Carol Beth Anderson
Author of 'The Frost Eater'
Jane Doesn't Save the World

What it's about

Jane is sick to death of the voices in her head (especially when they argue about everything from alcohol to the importance of shoes). She’d rather just end it and let her life insurance policy fund her family’s escape from a country torn apart by prejudice and xenophobic laws.

But her plans are hijacked by a ridiculously good-looking alien addicted to Earth sitcoms. Now, she’s on her way to a world where fiction is forbidden, singing pirates roam the suspended sea, and the neurodiverse like her are hunted and imprisoned.

Can she and her voices work together to turn her greatest weakness into her greatest strength—all while outrunning homicidal unicorns and cruel Regulators—so she can save her family and the world . . . or at least her shoes?

Why I wrote it

I’d just started on my own mental health journey, and it occurred to me that a lot of the symptoms of mental illness are a result of suppressed emotion. And a lot of emotion is suppressed because of pressure to adhere to societal standards. But if we were allowed to express ourselves as we needed, could that be the key to mental health?

And then I thought, what if releasing that energy could make us more powerful than we ever dreamed?

So I took that idea and put it on another planet where people already knew how to channel their internal power. And I sent Jane there so she could see it for herself.

The voices came later, after I discovered my own hidden voices and decided to give them shape and sound.

Easter Eggs/Inside Jokes